Monday, June 4, 2012

A True Carnivore

Abby has a strong streak of compassion running through her veins, so it always surprises me how she views animals. They are, simply put, animals. I'm the opposite; adults can take care of themselves (generally), while animals are subject to our whims and suffer for it. A few Sundays ago, she held up this weird picture of a creature that had zigzags all over it. When I asked what it was, she said, "It's a pig. It's being cut up to make ham." "Oh! That's very nice, Abby." At her preschool picnic, I asked her if she wanted to eat a fried chicken leg. "Yeah! That sounds great!" A few minutes later she was licking the last bits of flesh off the bone (she'd never had fried chicken before. I guess she liked it.) and said happily, "Mom, I'm eating meat off the bones of a dead animal! But the bones are really fragile because it's dead." Huh. I hear of many children who refuse to eat meat when they discover it comes from animals, but my daughter, a kid who takes care of anyone she perceives as needing help, thinks it's great.


  1. How is the vegetarian dad taking all of this?

  2. My kids are all about eating animals too. We played this weird game that just sort of formed on the spot, where you act like a food and we all guess what you are. Imagine Xander acting like a carrot and us all guessing. It was pretty funny. It was more like 20 questions then charades, but they still loved trying to act like a food. How do you act out spaghetti? Anyway soon they started acting like animals that we eat.....and some we don't - cow, bunnies, frog. Circle of life is no problem over here.